With our innovative tools we are helping home gardens & nursery men, professional tree and small fruit producers to protect their plants by monitoring, controlling and or catching the insect pest and enabling healthy plant protection. Currently, we have products related to the Black Vine Weevil pest.

The WeevilGrip is a product that detects and monitors (by catching) the Black Vine Weevil and assits to control the pest. Combined with an attractant Weevil Lure you can attract more Black Vine Weevils to the WeevilGrip. The technology has been developed by Wageningen University & Research by dr. ir. R. van Tol. Below two prictures of the WeevilGrip.


The WeevilGrip can be folded around the stem of the plant. During daytime the Black Vine Weevils are hiding in the WeevilGrip.

(copied with permission)

Products & Services

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